Running your coaching business can be a rollercoaster of frustration, especially when you're trying to figure out your marketing and need more leads. The struggle is real, but guess what? You don't have to go it alone.

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Coaches With Leverage

Do you wish that your online systems were easier to set up and maintain so that your marketing could be consistent? What would life be like if every month you could accept and onboard a new high-ticket client with ease? 

This community includes our all-in-one marketing system that's not only easy to setup, but will have you qualifying new leads and taking appointments like a top-level coach in less than a week! Instead of drowning in information, what you need to do now is take action!

Your One-Day Launch

Your One-Day Launch

In a hurry to let the world see what you have to offer? We'll pull the whole team together and get your setup, plan your strategy and schedule a day to design and build your website, funnel, and emal/sms follow-up sequences and launch your new business or program to the world!

Schedule a call with us to discuss your program and plan your Launch Day.

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Marketing Consultation

Been thinking lead generation is all there is to marketing? Not by a long shot! We help you design and implement your marketing strategies that not only drive leads consistently but also help you put processes in place that turn your current clients into raving fans.

Our first step is to assess where you are and what should change as well as look over your systems and provide our best recommendations for improvement.

Once you accept our recommendations, we get to work putting the processes in place to get your business to a place of predictable revenue!

Portfolio/Case Studies

Our ultimate goal is to help 1,000 small business owners grow to a place of freedom of time and money in the next 5 years. It’s so exciting to see our members and clients take their businesses to the next level.  Take a look at a few case studies below

Sago Law screenshots

Sago Law Office

Our program prompted the Sago Law Office to separate their coaching program from her the practice so that here clients are organized into the proper categories for compliance. 

Now she is poised to attract new clients for both businesses with her new funnel.

Bennie Smith screenshots

Bennie Smith Funeral Home of Delaware

We redesigned Bennie Smith's website from one that was very content-heavy and confusing to one that is more customer-focused. Now potential clients know what is offered right up front. There are clear calls-to-action and fewer confusing menu options.

We've set up easier ways for Bennie Smith to get good reviews and funnels for better event registration. As a result, they are slowly digitizing their customer records and growing their reputation on Google.

HTM Academy screenshots

HTM Academy

We moved their courses from Podia to BizGreenhouse, our proprietary all-in-one CRM (customer relationship manager) system. We also redesigned the course website and made it easier to find the courses for purchase.

Now when they do livestreams and send customer to the website to purchase, they have better conversion. 

They also are paying much less in messaging fees to text their list.

Petit's Hair Care screenshots

Petit's Hair Salon

We created a new website for Petit's where they can sell products as well as schedule services right on their website. The website is built in Wordpress which works seemlessly with BizGreenhouse.

As a result, scheduling and purchasing is done through the Petit's website rather than sending customers to a separate brand. They are also on a better platform for automating their emails for sales and follow-ups.

Freda screenshots

Vocal Freda

We redesigned Freda's website. The design was outdated and didn't give the visitor any direction when they first visited the website. 

Now website visitors know exactly what we want them to know and do as soon as they land on the first page. Freda's store is now modern, current and makes it easy to purchase her music and merch.

Getting ISH Done screenshots

Charles Bond

Our consulting service helped Mr. Bond see that he already had a great brand where he could add his new course. He realized that his new offering would be a great addition to the existing brand rather than starting from scratch with a new brand. 

Now with our help, he has determined his new offer stack and how his new course fits into it. He's poised to expand his brand and begin marketing not only his new course, but also his books and intriguing new event series.

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