The more leads you have, the more sales you make…

As someone who believes in gaining and using leverage, I have a few tools you should know about:


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    Site ID
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    Search ID
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    Premium TV ad campaign


You've heard this before. “It's a numbers game.” Or “play the law of averages.” The more people you talk to or the more people who see your ad or social media post, the more people who will purchase your service.

So how many people are seeing your posts and ads? How many people are visiting your website and funnel? How many meetings are you taking and how many sales are resulting from those meetings?

If you're raising your hands in surrender because you don't know, it's time to change that.


All-in-one sales and marketing dashboard where you can keep track of who downloads your lead magnet, schedules a call with you, or purchases your program. And it can all be automated. Knowing where your leads are in your sales process shows you where the process can be improved.


Your website or funnel may be getting lots of hits but not all of them are converting. Don't lose those leads! Get an updated list of all your site visitors every week and stay in touch with them. They may not be ready to purchase now but maybe next week or next month.


Not really a Facebook ads guru? No problem. Get a tailored list of people already searching the Internet for what you offer, then use Bizgreenhouse to reach out to them.

Premium TV ad campaign

Launch a 20-day ad campaign that runs on networks such as MSNBC, CNN, OWN. ESPN, and BET+ for about half the regular cost! Access the purchasing power of 300,000 people each time your ad runs. If you don't have a commercial prepared, our team will create a compelling video ad for your business as part of the package.

Everything you need to grow your business and get more customers